Frequency and harmonics selection better in previous versions of Spectralayers

As a user of Spectralayers from version 3 till 5, I have found that the selection of frequency with multiple harmonics was very intuitive, it just changed the color of the selection. It was more intuitive and a lot neater when making multiple selection. However in this new version 6 it much messier and a lot less intuitive. It has dotted line around frequency and covered with white color. I would like if there would at least there should be an option in preferences to make selections like in previous versions.

Hi silb, the second patch (not the first one coming next week) will offer more options to tweak the selection contour aspect.
Right now you can make the dotted line darker though, go to Edit > Preferences > Interface. You can also tweak the selection filling color there.
You can change selection opacity by clicking the Display panel menu, and checking “Selection Opacity”. This will show a slider that you can directly adjust while working.

+1 for this request from my side. I needed it in earnest last night and have re-installed SL5 in order to get access to the previous version. Please put this back into SL6.

I agree that the harmonic selection was much easier and clearer in version 5 than it seems in version 6.

+1 on this from my too. I find the selection of multiple frequencies and harmonics to be currently on the edge between unusable and barely usable. Make the marching ants darker doesn’t help much. I am very glad that it is on the list of things to be addressed!

Hello All, at first I didnt use previous version but I had same struggle with freq/harmonic selection in SL6, what I found, this selections tools are dependant on settings of FFT in right upper corner of window. If You have resolution around 3Hz, You can select harmonics, etc very precisely and its much more snappy than in default settings. I hope that it will helps You. cheers