Frequency Chart - Organized by Instrument

I thought I bookmarked this, but I found out just now that I didn’t. :imp:

Anyone have that link again? Google Images isn’t showing it because my search string is undoubtedly incorrect.

or this

Is that what you were looking for?

Just kidding! How about one of these:

Search term: frequency chart of instruments sound on sound


For example, among many others (the best one seems too wide for this forum to display):

Here, this one is nice:

I got that one in a copy of SOS printed on A1 :slight_smile:

Here is one I had bookmarked…

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These are some great charts.

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There was one that someone in here posted that included guitars, including different guitar roles (i.e. rhythm, etc.). Does anyone have that one?

You’re welcome, any time, the pleasure is all ours! :mrgreen:

Re: guitars - Did u see the third picture down in this thread?


My all time favorite chart is the “Musical Pitch Relation Chart” showing compass of fundamentals (harmonics or partials not indicated) American Standard Pitch, A49 = 440.
Copyright 1941 by E.J. Quinby, 801 Carnegie Hall, 154 West 57th Street, New York 19, NY. It is a beautiful reproduction of a hand drawn mechanical drafting style print. I obtained this print as a bonus when I bought “Mastering Audio – the art and the science –Second Edition” by Bob Katz.

I have it mounted and framed hanging out side my little studio as I view it as a piece of art. All who see it, musician or not, are always captivated by it. Sorry I am not able to post a copy of it, but if you buy the book…. :laughing:

Side story: The year I bought the book, I received an e-Christmas Card and thought how nice, I made it to his automated e-list due to my purchase. Couple days later decided/ had the audacity to test his email automation to see if there was a person on the other end or if a response would end up in cyber junk somewhere. So I sent an e-Christmas card with a note about his book, the Christmas card and included links to two of my best Cubase recorded efforts. Low and behold, a couple days later Bob wrote back thanking me and had some very helpful comments on my recordings. Bob Katz is a class act in my book :exclamation:

The rest of the Story: The next year I didn’t get a Christmas card. :cry: :confused: :wink:

Obviously I didn’t. :frowning:

Thanks for pointing out that I’m blind in addition to being senile. :mrgreen: