"Frequency" E.Q. Issues At Low Buffer

Has anyone else experienced the stock eq “Frequency” causing pops and glitching while the project is set to low buffer rates? E.g., I was tracking vocals at a 32 sample buffer… very low yes, but the Presonus Quantum interface handles it no problem. Also no problems at all while tracking. I wanted to experiment with some eq after the fact, and as soon as I opened “Frequency” it started glitching and popping. What’s strange is that I can leave the eq engaged, but close the gui, and the glitching stops.

Of course I can raise the buffer and it goes away, but that behaviour is strange… I can even load the Ozone plug in “master rebalance”, which is an extreme cpu hog, at it plays at a buffer of 32 samples no problem at all. So it would seem that the gui of “Frequency” simply doesn’t like lower buffers… but why?


maybe it’s related to the RTA display… it could eat up to much ressources

Has someone experienced continue Cubase 11 crashing with Frequency plugin? Almost unusable, any Fix? Any help?

Thanks in advance, cheers, Eriberto

Same problem here…