Frequency EQ: CPU spikes (remarkable)

Hi at all,

from a fast viewing of new features of Cubase 9 i’ve seen a strange cpu spikes when i’m using new Frequency EQ. This bug happen only when i’m not playback anything in Cubase, in empty and track with events. The spikes are present only when i’m operating in Frequency EQ (edit gain, frequency value and other value), in normal and in linear phase.

This strange cpu overload is in a range o 20-30% in VST perfomance meter

In playback mode, Frequency EQ works fine :unamused:

My confinguration:
Intel i7 4770K
Focusrite Asio Driver 2.0
Cubase 9.0.1 (runned as Administrator)
Project option: 44.100hz 24 bit

It also happen to someone else?