Frequency EQ - how to hear left / right of a Stereo channel without clicking and holding

I have just tried to EQ a stereo sound using Frequency as an insert in L + R mode for the first time. I cannot find a way to hear (and see) just left or right without clicking and holding.

The left / right are definitely potentially separable because if I…

  • set a band to L + R
  • select the ‘listen / solo’ icon at the top
  • click and hold on any of the three knobs in that band
    … then I hear just one side in one ear.

Changing from left to right in the band plays left or right side. BUT as soon as I release my mouse button I hear both sides.

It makes no difference whether the L + R are active/inactive for the band (so long as L+R mode is selected for the band) - and indeed the whole band can be active or inactive.

What am I missing? SURELY there must be a way to just hear the left or right without having to hold something down!

Why should it…? This is an EQ plug-in not a routing matrix…
The listen button is just a help to hear what the selected band is doing… so it’s intention is to support the detection of the right frequencies to edit
if you learn how to use it, it’s a powerful tool

Using the monitoring options in the control room should help you out-- you can solo the left or right channels, and monitor them through both sides if you like.


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good point, Chewy
forgot to mention that

Alternatively you could insert a mix6to2 plugin after the eq and cut one side.
Or if the channel uses the default balance panner, hard panning to one side means muting the other side.

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@ st10ss - “why should it?”
Well, solo is a toggle in every other plugin I’ve ever used- and, indeed, in Steinberg’s own DAW. Imagine having to click and hold to solo a track. Seems silly doesn’t it? Not having solo as a toggle effectively disables your mouse. That’s not ‘a powerful tool’, it’s poor UI, and I see that the mid/side feature has the same limitation. Shame, because otherwise I really like Frequency.

@ Chewy, @ Takashi - thanks. I will try both of these out. I do have access to another EQ which does have the conventional ‘solo’ operation, but TBH I’d prefer to use Frequency as it is more ‘surgical’. Always good to know more than one way to deal with an issue.