Frequency EQ loses settings everytime I open the project

Hi all.

I like the Frequency EQ that comes with Cubase 11 Pro. It has a very annoying bug that makes it useless in big multitrack projects. If you make a setting on a track. When you close the project and open it again, the settings I made are inactive. It’s set to totally flat though I can see what I did. I need to for instance deactivate and reactivate 1 of the bands and that reactivates all the adjustments I made. It’s super annoying every project opening having to run through all tracks (I use it on all tracks) and per track reactivate my settings.

It’s consistent on all projects I work on. Does anybody have the same problem and a solution? I work with Cubase professionally and this is driving me mad.

There must be something wrong with your setup, since many other users don’t have this problem.
Can you show some screenshots?
System specs?

I bet it´s a Mac - Error - Permission denied. :joy:

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Hey, thanks for replying. Here are 2 screenshots. One is on re opening the project. It has the edited eq curves drawn in dashed line. 2nd pic is after I deactivate/activate any band, the made settings are activated again the way I made them.

My system is a pretty new Windows based PC. Intel i9 10850K, 64Gb RAM, Windows 10.

I can’t see any differences in the two pictures

See my description. When opening the curves I made are with dashed lines (inactive, as if the band is deactivated by the act/deact. Button per band). But when I doubleclick act/deact. On any band, al curves are active again; the dashed line is now a normal lind (pic 2).

Grt Kars

By any chance, is “constrain delay compensation” activated?