Frequency of updates?

Hi, Daniel. I’ve been meaning to ask you: how frequent will the Dorico updates be available to users who own the software?

You are famous, Greg, for popping up every couple of months on a certain other scoring application’s forum to ask the question, “When do you predict that the next release of Product A will be available?”, along with your other favourite topic, the closely-related, “What features do you think will be in the next release of Product A?”

If I see you start posting these kinds of topics on this forum… well, I don’t know what I’ll do. But I’d really prefer that you don’t post them. We’ll tell you when something’s available when it’s available, not before, and we’ll tell you what’s in it when it’s available, as well, and not before. And none of the other people who read the forum who don’t work for Steinberg know any more about it than you do, so they can’t give you any more insight.

When you feel like posting one of those threads, just imagine to yourself the answers, “Nobody except Steinberg knows, and they’re not saying”, and save yourself the bother of typing it out and everybody else the bother of answering!

So please, let me answer this question from you just once: we expect the first post-release update to be available before the end of November; after that, it depends what functionality we’re trying to get in. We will release new updates as often as we can, but not every feature, fix, or improvement is created equal, and we can’t necessarily predict how long something will take to implement, which means that promising in advance that you will get a new release every two months (or whatever) simply isn’t practical.

Now, bookmark this thread, and next time you want to know when the next update is coming, or what’s in it, you can refer to this thread instead! :smiley:

And PLEASE, Gregory, change your extremely boring ‘signature’. Listing ‘everything’ you own is not a sig.

Please, Steinberg, limit the length of signatures. We (might) want to read a person’s post, not his/her inventory. Thank you.

Absolutely! Putting things in the sig such as Steinberg software and OS is useful when it comes to technical questions. Bragging-lists are annoying. I’m not referring to the OP BTW, as I didn’t read his sig.

Thanks for your comments, Daniel. I understand where you are coming from regarding the software updates, and I have every right to be excited about and want to know when software and updates are to be released in general.

With regards to my signature, while adding everything a tech-savvy musician like myself owns may be too much for a signature and it may be boring to some folks sometimes, I reserve the right to have my signature include what I feel is necessary (the length limit for all signatures is 1000 characters, mine is usually 300-400 characters).

Getting back to the topic, Daniel or his development team will let us know when the next update comes in by posting on this thread and we all have to wait and see what they have in store for us (Daniel pointed out to me in his reply that the first Dorico update will be in November, and the updates will be quite frequent). These updates will have a detailed description once they’re announced.

I see you’ve posted your trademark thread on the forum of Product A again, and received the usual kind of response. I find it so peculiar that you continue to post the same question and receive the same rebuttal over and over again. You know what they say about the definition of madness… :smiley:

Oh yes, Daniel, I also find this quite funny and like I said, I get really excited when news about product updates and software such as Dorico show up, in a good way of course. :smiley: But after all, there are such things as non-disclosure agreements, right?

As long as you don’t bring your (if you’ll excuse me) slightly weird fetish for asking unanswerable questions to this forum, Greg, you “do you,” as they say.

Understood, Daniel. I suppose we’ll have to wait until the updates are announced in this thread like you said, correct? :slight_smile:

I won’t announce the updates in this thread, but I will certainly announce them on the forum here, and on the Making Notes blog (so you’ll see them in the Steinberg Hub in Dorico itself), and we will also probably have news items on the front page of the Steinberg web site. We won’t keep the release of an update secret.

And on a related question, how do you run all that stuff on 8 gigs of RAM?

You will please note that 8GB on my MacBook Pro may run a bit faster for my system, especially when I am working on my scores in notation programs there. Also, with all due respect, I reserve the right to have my signature include what I feel is necessary.

I think that the real thing here is,
that the Users prefer to have frequently a small updates than waiting a year to get a big one!

I hope that will be your way !

Sincerely yours

Necessary? NECESSARY? For what, for whom?

Okay, now I’m a getting a little mystified. Everyone, even us users, has the right to add or change their forum signatures with what they feel it’s necessary, this also applies to adding computers, operating systems and music software programs that they use. And one of the catches are that there is a 1,000 character limit for signatures.

Anyway, I think that we’re straying a bit off-topic since this discussion is really about the updates so if that’s the case, I apologise for the inconvenience this situation may have caused.

Regarding the ‘signature’.

Maybe it is not important in Dorico world, but on other forums it is often useful to see what equipment someone is using when trying to get to the bottom of an issue they may be having. Also, from time to time I have been asked questions about bits of equipment I use, so it can be helpful.

At the risk of adding to the… clutter with this post, haven’t Daniel and his hard-working colleagues got enough to do?

Let’s try and help as best we can by being thoughtful forum members!

I agree. As forum members, we should try to help each other out as best as we still can! :slight_smile:

I see Gregory Jones and FenderChris are from the same camp … :wink: