Frequency Per Band Latency/Pan/Distortion

This is a request for Frequency, would it be possible to add a latency delay knob for each band?
This allows for making simple some more complex issues.
For example I want to bring out the cymbals in a drum loop more and give them some presence but being able to up the Side,and add latency which just lets the sides shine through a little more.
Other things like pulling out the verb a touch and pushing it more side just with the Frequency band.
The M/S would need one each or mainly on S.
Also if it could be split or be pannable per band. L and R and being able to add one of the Cubase Distortion fx’s at the end of the chain would be even better and allow for exciting a single frequency with out the need to split the signal and setup lots of routing.

Hi AndyMc,
that’s quite a lot for an Equalizer :slight_smile:

As Frequency is already quite complex, I think this is going beyond the scope of this plug-in.

But, have you looked at Quadrafuzz v2 ? It offers distortion, delay and panning for up to 4 bands.