Frequency Plugin shows different values than Channel Settings EQ [BUG]

I am trying to tweak my basslines and I noticed that when Channel Settings EQ show +6db @ 66hz for example, then when I look at frequency EQ plugin, it shows almost +16 dbs at the the same value!

Why is this? Is this a bug? I turned every plugin from my bassline off so they don’t mess things up. Still same thing. I only have the Frequency EQ plugin on my bassline at the moment. They show completely different values.

I tried with Studio EQ and it shows the same values as Channel Settings EQ.

So now only Frequency EQ show completely different values for some reason. Could someone verify this?

The attachment shows all 3 Eq windows at the same time. As you can see, the Frequency EQ shows completely different values. It seems like Frequency EQ is about 10dbs off at all frequencies.

I also tried it on the kick drum channel and same thing. It’s off by about 10dbs. Am I not reading the meters correctly or is this simply a bug?
Any help is appreciated. Since I use frequency plugin a lot, it is very bad if it’s off from other plugins.

Are you saying that when you change settings in the channel strip EQ there are also changes being made to the Studio EQ insert?

As I’m sure you know, Channel Strip EQ and the the plug-in insert Studio EQ are different EQ Units and the settings on each are independent.

The dB scale is for the EQ points, and is not a spectrometer (measurement).

Interesting. I thought there was a bug in Frequency EQ plugin. I did now know the measurement is different. It is very confusing since Channel Settings EQ and Studio EQ share similar scale.