Frequency problem in the Export file

Hello. Export with Nuendo 8 of a file in WAV 48k 24b. Analysis with iZotope RX 6 and Spectra Layers Pro 6: I do not hear it but I do not understand. Do you have an remarks, ideas, advices? (This is not the first time this has happened to me. Is it a software problem or a mixing error?) PS: I use only Steinberg’s plugins.

Not sure how we are able to help you out without any relevant information.

What routing? What plugins? What source audio?.. and so on…

Ola. That is what I thought. These are files recorded in SD788 the same day, the processing is only internal plugin and the routing is simple (tracks> Bus> Output with some VCA). I just wanted to know if anyone had this kind of frame appeared on the export.

Well, the SD788 will have cables and mic’s connected to it. So there could be issues on that end as well. Have you checked your gear? My Sennheiser mkh50 had an interference issue (high pitched beep above 16khz), needed to get fixed… only noticed it in RX as well…
or it’s crickets… :slight_smile:

Depending on where you live, this could be ripple control interferences (in German: “Rundsteuertechnik”), caused by your power network provider’s load management.


Thank you for your answers. I will seek in this direction. I think it’s the right way because at the beginning and the end the problem does not exist and these moments were not recorded with 788 on location.