Frequency range selection delete question

Hello, please excuse me if this sounds like a silly question. I’ve searched the forum and steinberg videos, and the user manual but could not find an answer to my specific issue.

When making a frequency range selection, such as 0hz to 25hz for example, if I go to the edit menu then select delete, it only seems to “dim” the audio in that range and not completely delete/remove it. Is this normal behavior?

I saw a tutorial video where the narrator made a frequency range selection and selected the option “cut to new layer,” and this completely removed the frequency range from the original layer. Isn’t it possible to completely delete the frequemcy range just by hitting the delete key or using edit/delete? Mine only dims a bit when deleting, and the sound in the range still remains. Thanks in advance!

Right-click the ‘Time Range Selection’ toolbar icon and change it to Frequency Range Selection. Select your 0> 25Hz (infrasonic) range and … Delete

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Hi thank you for your suggestion. I originally misread what you wrote. I had indeed selected the frequency range selection tool. The issue is that after selecting a frequency range and hitting the delete key or using the edit menu delete option, the audio content within the selected range only “fades” and isn’t completely removed. Now if I use the time range selection tool to make a selection and then delete it, the audio within that selection is completely removed.

In case it matters, I’m using spectralayers pro as an extension in Cubase 11 while attempting this.

The Amplitude /Gain tool can also be used to attenuate a range in conjunction with the the (right-click) Frequency Range tool. I was initially unaware of the Time /Frequency* Range right-click option, hence an earlier post.
I use SLP with Sound Forge Pro using ARA integration or as a stand-alone app… either way it is awesome and allows me the fix issues that previously could not be done… even with the great tools in Sound Forge Pro.

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