Frequency response for UR824 in higher S/R

Just a “discussion” question: there is only one frequency response listed in specification table for UR824 interface and it is “classical” 20Hz - 22kHz . But is the same even the interface is set to 88.2 and higher S/R? The input roll-off filter (antialiasing) remains on 22kHz (let`s say) and is fixed?
I am asking just to improve my knowledge; RME for example changes the frequency responses (and the input filters) according the S/R setting.
Thanx for answer!

I don’'t know anything about the particular unit’s a/d section but fixing the cutoff to 22KHz does not necessarily mean the frequency response is also fixed, maybe it eases the roll-off, i.e. at 48KHz, the filter needs to cut all signal above 24KHz. At 96KHz the point moves to 48KHz so that the filter can have a much slower roll-off that results in lesser ripples and better response. This is quite possible instead of moving the cutoff point because no one can hear anything above 22KHz anyways.

Hi Takashi, thanx for reply. My question was only “generally aimed” due to the fact I had been part of one discussion and there was the frequency response mentioned. So I checked one RME soundcard specifications and found there the different responses stated in relation with S/R set. That is all. I dunno the practical way of usability (except higher S/R when you are able to catch the source audio more precisely in time).