Frequency2 EQ: low-end cut increases Input

OK: new project, new (stereo) audio track.

Go to Mediabay: drop 049 Kick SK sample into start of new audio track. Set repeat markers at Bars 1 and 2.

Insert EQ Frequency2 into Inserts slot. Press play. EQ registers 0.0 dB input and output.

Now, high pass filter at 500 Hz, Cut 96. Note Input now has now INCREASED to 2.3 dB; output remains at 0.0 dB.

I do not understand this input increase at reduced frequencies. Anyone an explanation?

First, I think you are interpreting the displayed values in Frequency incorrectly. The top value above the peak meter is the output value. The lower field just displays the value of the output fader.
The rest is normal behaviour of (especially steep) minimum phase filters, they may increase the output level due to the phase shift at the cutoff frequency. Just turn down the output slider a bit.

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Oh, I see. Many thanks for the explanation. Best regards, Gil.

The more you know