Frequency2/ StudioEQ automation issue

For me is working as it should, smooth transition using a 24dB cut at band 8 of frequency2.

Windows 10 20h2
Cubase Pro 12.0.40

Really ? But what what’s smooth for you may not be as smooth for others.
Can you share audio so we can hear that ?

Pink noise generated using stock plugin, frequency 2 24dB Cut with frequency automation from 20K to 20Hz.

Sound link: 2.2 MB file on MEGA

But it’s there :joy: Just look at the vertical lines in the background.
You just made the sweep so long that it’s barely audible, if you make it faster (less than a second) you’ll definitely hear it… With Waves OneKnob Filter on the other hand, very fast sweeps are still super smooth, like, indistinguishable…

Ok, I think we generally meant the same thing, I was just thrown off by the term “polling” and the milliseconds, because I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t do it like that in the dsp thread of a plugin (what with involving system calls and such).
But unless we ask a plugin developer, it is all just speculation anyway….

The Channel EQ and the Pre Filter have two transition modes selectable to the top right of the MixConsole: Soft and Quick.

Soft has higher smoothing, making it better at handling sharp parameter changes, but it’s not suitable for sweeping.
Quick is able to perform smoother sweeps, but sharp parameter changes may cause audible glitches.

Steinberg’s VST 3 Equalizers have “Soft”-like behavior. They’re suitable for scene switching (i.e. switching between A/B EQ settings with minimal audible glitches). Working as designed.

For time-based analysis, you want to lower the FFT size. I think the SpectraLayers manual explains this parameter pretty well:
The Importance of FFT Size


Thank you very much for clearing this out.

I didn’t know about this setting ! Thanks for sharing.
Ultimately these options should be implemented in Frequency, at least.