Frequent Blue Screen Crashes with new laptop

Hi everyone, I just bought Cubase 6 and a new Toshiba laptop running w7. The cubase application blue screens frequently even after updating all drivers. Sometimes when opening a project, sometimes when saving, sometimes on import and even spontaneaously mid-workflow… but always within 10 or 15 minutes of startup. I’ve only done one project and only survived by saving every minute or so (which resulted in a BSOD half the time). Has anyone else seen this? Is there something fundamentaly wrong with running C6 on a W7 laptop? Thanks for you time. I like the product, I just want it to stop crashing. -PP

When I went to Win 7 / Cubase 6 I put in on a second hard drive (dual boot) and upgraded the ram from 3gb to 6gb and got a lot of bluescreening, but in Windows without even opening Cubase. Turned out to be bad memory. I sent it back and ordered a replacement and have been fine since. Could be a memory issue. You can downloaded Memtest+ for free and burn it to a CD, boot to it, and run a full memtest.

What version of Windows are you running, 32bit or 64bit? And what version of Cubase are you running as well? - meaning 32 or 64bit

Also, are you running any addition plugins?


Hello, I went through the same struggles after getting my lappy. Here’s how I fixed it:

1st: I got frustrated with unexpected blue screens… Thought about taking it back to the store… Bought another 4 GB of ram. didn’t help with the BSOD.

2nd: I couldn’t take it no more, so I went and bought WIN 7(a real disk) not that pre installed recovery crap. Then I went to toshiba’s site and downloaded all drivers for my hardware and copied those to a usb flash drive.

3rd: popped in the dvd and erased the WHOLE drive including the system recovery partition and then installed windows.

4th: Loaded my flash drive and installed all drivers needed. Then let windows do the update stuff. Restarted the cpu a few times to make sure no errors in the device manager.

5th: (Very Important!) I ran a good registry repair software to remove any funny business going on with windows.

6th: Install cubase and plugs and life has been swell with my lappy. NO more BSOD… :smiley:

I concur with the clean slate idea. Any time I buy a new computer, I wipe it for a fresh start. New computers these days come with so much crap on them it is unbelievable.
This is especially important with high end applications.