Frequent crashes after updating to cubase elements 11

I started experiencing cubase crashes frequently after updating to version 11. I thought that the maintenance update (11.0.10) was going to fix this but It is still happening. The last time (today 2021/2/12) it crashed while I was exporting an audio track. I have included the dump file.

thank you.

Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.2.12 (452.9 KB)

Hi and welcome,

Is there any specific area in Cubase, where it is always crashing? Or is it more random? Could you maybe attach a bit more *.dmp files to have a look, if it’s always the same crash, or if there are multiple crashes, please?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin, thank you for your prompt response. Sometimes it happens when I change a parameter in a plugin (the ones I use the most are from toontrack) or when I export audiomixdown. I have also noticed that, after upgrading to cubase 11, quitting the program doesn’t close it, it closes the project but not the program, I have to go to the task manager to close cubase, that doesn’t happen all of the time but it happens very often and I never noticed that in cubase 10.

I am attaching 2 more dmp files. I can’t attach more than that it seems.

Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.2.2 (417.9 KB) Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.2.8 (408.2 KB)

Hi, today I was editing parameters to the plugin Ezmix (toontrack) and the program crashed. Again, quitting the program just closed the project, not the program.
I don’t know what is going on, I used this plugin all the time before (cubase 10) and had no problems with it.
Can you help me figure this out please?

Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.2.15 (434.6 KB)


Thank you, I have just added it to the original report.

Hi, I started the program in safe mode as suggested (disable preferences). The program crashed again while I was adjusting ezmix parameters. I guess I’ll try using another plugin and see what happens.

I can’t work like this. I need assistance fixing this issue, I am a musician and have been using cubase since 1998, I never had this many problems with it.

Cubase Elements 64bit 2021.2.15 (416.8 KB)


All crashes are the same and all of them are in Cubase. Thank you for your report.