Frequent crashes and freezes

While I’m not the type to easily take time out of my day to complain on forums I need to vent some of my frustrations hoping the a future update can manage to solve some of the issues I’m having using Cubasis LE 3 on an iPad Pro 4. Gen v. 14.4.2. Often in combination the usb 3 adapter Rayrow usb hub I use to connect the Steinberg hardware .
Usually on any start the app will crash at least one until the hardware connects and sound is audible. Usually there will be some latency which I’ll work around by closing and opening other projects first. There will be a couple of freezes and bugs everyday. The bugs mostly consist of some tracks not playing sound without a reason and obviously sudden crashes which sets back the project at least a couple of moves. Yesterday I multi-selected and dragged several audio-pieces back by accident to a legth of zero and was unable to undo for some reason. I had to redo (and am still reediting) those parts. Note: never had (still don’t have )these issues , the older iPad seems a lot more stable.

Hi @Vic11,

Thank you for your message.
We are sorry to read about your current freeze and crash issues.

Please give these steps a try, to see if they are of help to resolve the problems:

  • Please load an empty project
  • Close all running apps, including Cubasis
  • Fully shut down the iPad

Does Cubasis run as expected, when relaunching the device and running the app on its own? If the problem persists, could these be related on 3rd party plug-ins in use?

Alongside, please note that we release the next update shortly, which will add new features alongside resolving user-reported issues.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Indeed starting a new project will hold back some of the issues temporarily. Unfortunately the projects I work on are not empty :wink: all if the bugs and freezes are only temporary and can be resolved by the methods you describe. As the project grows the frequency increases (biggest project has 600 MB) What C hub Do you recommend on an iPad? Unfortunately most models hang on a string and only have One USB Entrance. I hope the update helps.

Hi @Vic11,

Thank you for your updated message.
I’m glad to read that the steps above have helped to improve the situation.

Do you have more details, when the problems actually appear?
Could these be nailed down to particular 3rd party plug-ins or the global number of internal/external plug-ins?

Please have a look at our dedicated Cubasis 3 performance article, if it is of additional help to further resolve the problems.

In addition, the new update will arrive soon. Here, it would be also great to know, if it helps to further improve the performance at your end.

Best wishes,

Thanks for your message. How do I find out what apps are running (aside multimedia playing in the BG). I imagined they close as soon as I exit them.

HI @Vic11

Thanks for your message.

These are the steps to locate and terminate running apps:

  • Quit all audio and non-audio apps by double tapping the home button and swiping them up
  • Older devices: Holding down the home and power button for about 10 seconds until the Apple logo appears.
  • Newer devices: Hold the power button and "Slide to power off”, then wait and press the power button again for a few seconds to restart the iOS device.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,