Frequent crashes... N13 + MIDI (NoteExp) = Anyone else?

Just an observation… daily audio jobs are fine on N13. I’ve had many frequent crashes with Kontakt on music/sound jobs. Moving back to N12 and we’re stable again. Anyone else?

Am checking for updates and such now… will see if it stabilizes.

Found an update for Kontakt but still crashes while recording the first MIDI track.

I worked the remainder of the day in N12+Kontakt and never had a problem with any project. Something odd here.

Anyone here able to confirm a stable N13 + Kontakt 7 on Win 11?


Make sure, you have the latest NI Kontakt 7.7 update installed, please. The previous version was very unstable.

If you have the latest update installed and you still have the crashes, attach the *.dmp file(s), please.

Merry Christmas Eve… and we’ve finished the years projects and had a moment to test. Discovered the problem! LinnStrument Midi Note Expressions controller and Nuendo 13. The crash is not related to Kontakt at all.

We updated N13 to latest. Did not K7 (but will). After update we started session and worked successfully with N13 and K7. Saved session. No problem.

Turned the LinnStrument back on to test, restarted N13, opened same project with K7, recorded some MIDI data from LinnStrument Midi (Note Expression) input and instantly crashed. Can replicate. Crash occurs on stop recording.

Used Midi Monitor during replication of crash. The data doesn’t seem to be the issue, but instead it is the driver chosen. LinnStrument has two “MIDI” devices in the Studio Setup page; one LinnStrument MIDI (NoteExp) and the other inside MIDI Port Setup “Windows Midi - LinnStrument MIDI”

The crash only occurs when using LinnStrument MIDI (NoteExp) and have included a snap of those settings here. Will also explore the LinnStrument side of this, but the same error does not occur in Nuendo 12.


While I don’t have crashes, Note Expression Input Device is really bugged out for me in N13. Using an Osmose, playing a chord causes all the pressure/slide values to jitter. Works perfectly fine in N12.

The Note Expression Input Device settings don’t seem to change anything and the ‘Apply’ button is greyed out.

@Martin.Jirsak Could you kindly check this out?


Attach the mentioned *.dmp file, please.

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Nuendo 13.0.20 64bit 2023.12.24 (2.3 MB)
Nuendo 13.0.10 64bit 2023.12.8 (2.3 MB)

Added two… one from first experience (13.0.10) and one from most recent (after update to 13.0.20)

Ty for looking into this!


Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

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Cubase 13.0.30 has been released. Please, update.

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Updated to Nuendo 13.0.30 and crash resolved. Using Linnstrument (NoteExp) driver and stable N13. THANK YOU STEINBERG! Excellent work.