Frequent crashes while operating Dorico 3.0.10


I wasn’t going to post about this, because I thought crashes were sporadic, but they’re becoming more frequent. Unfortunately, I can’t tell what causes them. In this one, I was working in a not very complex project (3 flows, 6 players) and when I double clicked a time signature to edit it, it crashed.
I attach the Dorico Diagnostics report that I created immediately after relaunching Dorico. My system specs are the ones in my signature.

Dorico (706 KB)

By the way, the crashes these days happened with different projects, so it doesn’t seem to be project specific.

There’s only one crash log contained in the diagnostic report, and it shows a crash that we have seen occasionally that happens when the popover closes; Dorico tries to set the focus to a widget that no longer exists, and the program crashes. If you’re able to reproduce the problem at will, it would be very helpful to have a project and steps to reproduce it, because as yet we’ve not been able to pin down the circumstances under which it happens.

I’ll try to reproduce it. However, when it happens, my save file is often several steps behind and I cannot reproduce the exact circumstances.
The other crashes were from some days ago, and they’re usually one crash per full day of use, approx.