frequent random crashes in OS X


I keep getting random crashes on OS X with Cubase.

I have installed the latest update (8.5.10) and have tried clearing the preferences and starting in safe mode, but the crashes haven’t stopped.

I am running latest macbook pro (mid 2015) retina, top model.

Attached are the crash logs in zip format which will contain all the information you require.

Hopefully you can resolve the issue.

George. (479 KB)

Same here. No common thread as to the reason. Cubase Pro 8.5.20. Last crash happened when using key command to show the inspector pane. Crashes as frequently as twice a day. Giant template/track count and using mostly Vienna Ensemble Pro to a slave PC.

Haven’t tried Safe Mode yet because not sure if I’ll be in a state where I can keep working while in it. Crash message and Console logs linked, appreciate anyone’s insight.

“com.bluecataudio.Blue Cat StereoScope Pro VST” is the cause for this crash.

The following plug-Ins are causing this :

  • LexPlate.vst
  • LexChorus.vst
  • de.access-music.virusti.control.vst3
  • com.illformed.glitch
  • com.soundtoys.vst.EchoBoy

You may have to contact their support to get a fix.

Arne, thank you so much for that! Also helps me demystify these crash logs a bit.