fresh Cubase install won't start


just installed a new Cubase Artist 9.5 and Halion Sonic SE over a fresh Win7 Pro Installation on a Lenovo W530 Laptop.

Activation went fine (latest eLicenser installed and USB attached ) - but Cubase won’t start. The Splashscreen appears and then disappears without any action :frowning:

I don’t have a dediacted audio-interface attached yet (only installed ASIO4ALL for better latency), but Play-software, UVI-workstation and addictive keys work all fine - I can play and hear all VST-instruments in stand alone mode (with attached USB-keyboard Kurzweil KP110)

Also Halion Sonic won’t start. Splashscreen appears then disappears without any action

Whats wrong here?

It may not be your issue but I once had a similar sounding problem with Elements not finishing loading on a Laptop due to video driver “clash”. Do you have both onboard and Graphics manufacturer drivers? If so, try disabling one or the other.

think it’s fixed … SP1 was already installed but I searched again for Win7 Updates and installed it … Cubase and Halion now loads! So it was whatever patch that fixed it