Fresh install of Cubase 6.5...missing presets

Hi all. I’ve read the various threads but still cannot get the presets to show and I cannot check the box for them in the Media Bay. I am on a Mac Pro 3ghz 8 core under Lion. I’ve done the usual removal of prefs and deleted all VST content, reinstalled but still no presets. Anyone have a solution?


Edit: To clarify this is just and issue for Padshop and Retro.

Dear IFM,

have you reinstalled Cubase 6.5.0?


I did reinstall from 6.5.0 but that didn’t help. I was just able to get both presets to show by downloading and installing the ‘PRO’ version. Once I did that then both original and pro presets appeared. Strangely there were now duplicates but once I unselected and reselected the preset folder the duplicates went away.

All is well now but how strange this didn’t work from the master install.