fresh install of Cubase 7.5 + Halion 5

I just bought Cubase 7.5 and Halion 5. I’m installing on a MacPro. Should I install Halion Sonic2 and it’s content as part of the Cubase installation, or just skip it and install the full Halion 5. I want to have all the content available. (Not sure if all of the Halion Sonic2 content is included in the full Halion install or not.) Thanks.

I can’t remember if the HALion 5 installer includes the HS2 content but if you just install both, you will be sure to have all the content. :wink: If you don’t want the HS2 Instrument, you can uninstall it independently from the content.

The Cubase dvd’s have Halion SE2 content which is compleletly different from the Halion 5/Halion Sonic2 content.

Since the Halion Sonic SE engine (part of the cubase package) is a smaller brother from Halion 5, the content is included in the content available to the bigger members of the family. So you will see 3 different synths when everything is installed properly:

  • Halion 5
  • Halion Sonic 2 (comes bundled with Halion 5)
  • Halion Sonic SE2

The combination of Cubase + Halion 5 gives you the following content in the Halion 5 browser:

  • Halion 4 content
  • Halion Sonic Factory content
  • Halion SE2 Pro
  • Halion SE2 Artist/hybrid
  • Halion SE2 Basic

In halion Sonic SE2 you will only see the Halion SE2 content.
In halion Sonic 2 you will have the content of Halion Sonic SE2 and Halion Sonic Factory content.

WHen editing in Halion 5 and Halion Sonic 2, best remember that the Halion Sonic SE2 content is copy protected. So you do not see anything below the macro pages. This is a bit confusing when going through things the first time. :wink:

Have fun !
kind regards,