Fresh install of Cubase 8.5 from update (Mac)?

Cubase user for many years on Mac. After over a week I am still waiting on response from Steinberg support. Going on tour in a few days and need this rig working.

I would like to install Cubase 8.5 on my Mac Book Pro running Mavericks (not Sierra because Guitar Rig Control pedal doesn’t work reliably for me).

The last disc-based install I have is 7.0 - also an upgrade. And then 7.5, 7.6, 8, etc. as updater images. But nothing that’s not an upgrade. That means my registrations for each upgrade require an older version of Cubase already installed.

Through Steinberg web site I can download all the upgrades and from my account I can get Cubase 9 - which supposedly does NOT work on Mavericks and might be just a bit too beefy for my MacBook.

So, yeah, how can I install 8.5 on this computer? I have one dongle in my iMac and would be willing to buy a second one for my travel setup. But stuff like this leaves me disappointed.



If you have a Cubase 8.5 license on a USB eLicenser that is registered on your MySteinberg account, then you should follow the reactivation instructions in the attached link. The CB 8.5 should be listed as a download in your MySteinberg account. No need to install previous versions then upgrade from those.

Edit… after a re-read of your post I now think you have CB 9. I originally thought you had CB 8.5. If that is true, then a CB 9 download would be available in your MySteinberg account, not CB 8.5. So you will need to specifically ask Steinberg for the 8.5 iso file link. Then follow the instructions for reactivation.

BTW… purchasing a 2nd dongle really won’t help you much unless you purchase another CB license too. Your CB license can only be stored on one dongle at a time.

Regards. :sunglasses: