Fresh install of Windows 10 - can I just install Cubase 10 via download?

I have just got a larger SSD hard drive for my PC and had windows 10 installed. i notice on the Cubase website that it is possible to download Cubase 10 in one go. My license originally came via an upgrade from Artist so I have various bits and bobs to eventually get cubase 10, such as an Artist CD. I don’t want the hassle of going through that process and would like to just install Cubase 10 in one go via the download. Will it work?

Yes, download the full version.

Thanks, it’s downloading.
I started with a AI and got an upgrade to Artist, which came with a physical e-licenser and an activation code, then I upgraded to cubase 10 via the internet, which came with an activation code. Will I just need to type in the cubase 10 code or will I have to go through all the previous stages?

Just plug in the USB licenser.