Fresh Install Problems with Cubase Elements 11

Hi everyone,

I recently bought a MacMini with Apple Silicon, loving it and use several DAW’s with no problems. I’ve been wrestling with Cubase Elements for a while, trying to relocate libraries to an external drive with my other samples with no success. I decided to go back to the drawing board and do a fresh installation. I carefully located all associated files, including preferences etc so that everything would be as a brand new install. I’m using MacOS BigSur 11.2.2

Retrologue has installed perfectly, added the presets and everything I would expect.

Cubase Elements 11 is also installed and working and doing what I’d expect, including loading presets from Retrologue.

When I try to install other content - starting with HALion Sonic SE, it seems to be ok, until I load the content for HALion. At that point I get an error message saying that the library cannot move the content to the default path. It then appears to be installed in my Downloads folder, which I obviously do not want.

All I want to do is to install everything to the default directories, have it all recognised and then hopefully move the content samples to my external drive.

If anyone has any help they can offer, I would appreciated it! Other DAWs seem to handle this stuff much easier, and I have tried more than a few!

Thanks in advance!

Just bumping this again in the hope that someone else has seen this and has a suggestion? :confounded:

You can use the Steinberg Library Manager Tool to manage / move your vstsound files.
Also a double click on a vstsound file opens the Library Manager and automatically registers the file so that it is available in Cubase