fresh install question

I’m doing a fresh install of an new license of Nuendo 5.5 + NEK.

If I download the following :
Nuendo 5.5
NEK dmg part 1 and part 2
Nuendo 5.5.2 update

Will I have the an complete and current install?
I know V5 and V5.5 will install next to each other so my big question is regarding the NEK. Do I need to install the V5 NEK or can I just install the 5.5 part 1 and 2?

I can’ believe the disc I got was still 5.0, and I"m just wanting to confirm I don’t have to start from that!


yes (to the first question).

Thanks Max!

You might want to consider the merits of having both versions installed, as there have been some major changes in 5.5 that not everyone is happy about…and it doesn’t take up much space.