Fresh install

I have decided to re-install Cubase 7.5 on my computer. I wiped everything, incl. operating system drive etc. The plan is to have windows on a 240 GB SSD. Cubase, VST plugins and soundsets/samples/loops on a 480 GB SSD and record on a 500GB HDD plus 3 of external back-up disks. Or should I install Cubase plus VST plugins on the windows drive or not?

Cubase 7 was my first DAW and I have upgraded to 7.5 last December. Now I am about to re-install everything I have a few doubts about certain things: Groove agent one kits and Halion instruments.

If I install 7.5 directly I am assuming I won’t have access to Groove Agent Ones drums kits, or are they still in Groove Agent SE 4?

Having upgraded my way all the way up to Halion 5 incl. Halion Ochestra SE sounds, do I need install them the same way as I did previously, ea. incremental? Or is there a quick fix?

Hi Rommelaar,

this has been discused many times before in this forum. A quick search would have given you at least 10 results.

Anyway, you don’t have to install everything incrementally. You only need the latest versions, e.g. you can download a full Cubase 7.5 installer from our website: