Fret fonts suggestions?

Even though fret diagrams for guitar aren’t supported yet, I read all the time that people are using a workaround like specific fonts or grapics insert. Which fonts or grapics would give a good result and where can I find those?

Finale used to, and may still, come with a font called Seville that includes a couple of hundred preset chord diagrams, so maybe you happen to have that? Otherwise, it looks like this might be a good place to start.

Thanks Daniel. I found the fonts from a previous Finale installation and can create indeed the tabs, but any idea how to create 7th chords? Triad major chords are done with a lower cast letter, no idea though how to create the other kind of chords.

Sorry, my memory of Seville is very dim indeed, but maybe this will help?

Thanks. This pdf is a great help to see what is possible, but the keyboard shortcuts don’t work on a Mac. I tried all kind of keybaord combinations, but no luck.

It’s even easier I just found out. I can simple copy/paste them from the PDF into Dorico! This is very helpful.