Fretboard input questions

New to Dorico, but generally getting on ok except when I try to use the Fretboard for input, no input happens.

I understand that it needs to be on a fretted instrument staff, and that the carat needs to be where I want the notes, but when in Write mode, I hear the notes I play on the Fretboard but nothing is entered into the staff. If I switch to Keyboard entry, and switch on the recording button, notes appear, but not with the Fretboard.

Am I missing something?

Welcome to the forum, @Lukas_Pearse! I hope that if you have the caret visible on a guitar instrument, either on the regular notation staff or on the tablature, then tapping a fret position on the Fretboard panel will import that note. Could you record a little video showing what’s happening and attach it here? If it’s larger in size than 4MB (which is likely of course!) you may need to put it into a cloud drive of some description and then post the link here.