Fretless Bass track is not visible in Editor

I am new to Cubase 9 and struggle every day to learn how to use this DAW. I have almost completed one composition. However, I can not edit the individual velocities of individual notes on my bass track because the notes don’t show up on the editor. All the other tracks are visible when I double click on the track. In earlier versions of this project the bass track is visible in the lower screen editor. Of all the hundreds of controls in Cubase, I am certain I am just overlooking something I inadvertently clicked on when learning to use another feature. Please help me. I am at a standstill with this project.
Thank you.


Could you attach a screenshot, please?

I am sorry for not checking back in forever. For many reasons I had to forsake Cubase for a while but I am back with a vengeance now. I have had so many other problems that this bass track situation is on the back burner for how. I appreciate your willingness to help. I have posted my new concern on a new topic. Thank you again.