Fretted Instrument Tunings

Usually I include a Baritone Ukulele in my ensemble arrangements, tuned to D3, G3, B3, E4, and with a treble-down-8 clef. Dorico doesn’t list a Bari Uke; in a previous piece Dorico substituted a standard Colombian tiple (spelled “Columbian”). I opened a new file from a template created in Dorico 4, and the Bari Uke’s “Compatible preset tunings” had changed from the tiple to “4 Strings: D3, G3, B3, E4 (project)”; although the tiple and other instruments were listed in the drop-down menu, I was unable to switch to the tiple.
What the instrument is named is not important: the big bugaboo is that the notes in the new file don’t play an octave lower with the treble-down-8 clef, but like a regular treble clef. How can I fix the sound? I checked the settings in Play mode, and they look like the template’s instrument sounds.

One more question: Is there somewhere a list of all the “standard” tunings for Dorico’s fretted instruments? I do not know many of the instruments…and I realize that standard in one region or musical format may be different in another, (there are at least five tunings for the ukulele).

There’s an option on the Clefs page of Notation Options to determine whether or not clefs with octave transposition reminders should take effect in playback.

I’m afraid we haven’t produced a list of all of the tunings we’ve defined, but hopefully they’re reasonably easy to work out from their names – I don’t think we’ve done anything particularly exotic.

Thanks, Daniel; I hadn’t seen the Clef transposition option, and have now set treble-down-8 to “down” as the default.

As to instrument tunings, “standard” is not descriptive. For the ukulele, as an example, Ukulele GCEA would be clearer. I long for the day when Ukulele Baritone DGBE is added to the list.