From 8 to 8.5 Missing own created plugin suite?


After updating I only have default plugin collection. How to import my plugin collection from 8?

Thanks in advance.

You may need to set the vstplugin folder path in plugin manager.

Click the little cog icon and then the + to add the path.

I have paths set correctly. Problem is that I cant get the plugins sorted the way Ive done in 8.

There are basic options to sort all plugs by vendor or by category.

Then there is the possibility to create new collections and arrange exactly as you like using plugin manager.

Did you set up a plugin manager collection manually in C8??

Yes I manually did my own collection. I thought that it would have been possible to save it to a file and then bring it in to the 8.5.

I wonder how you guys have dealt with this? Surely you had your plugins organized the way you wanted in 8. How did you got them into 8.5?

Well many people’s will probably transfer automatically during the update.
I think maybe it’s permissions issues on Windows that stop this happening as it should.

Not at computer to check the exact file but I guess there should be a plugin manager xml file in the Cubase 8 preferences (appdata) folder that you can just copy to 8.5 folder.

I copied the plugin manager file from 8 but it did not do the trick.