From 9.5 to 12 upgrade, but clean install on new machine

I’ve been running Cubase 9.5 Pro and older (back to 6) on my old cheesegrater MacPro for 10+ years, but now problems are starting to pop up so I bought a 16" MBP M1Max/64GB/4TB as a replacement.
I figure I should update to 12 anyway, but if I do the $170 update, will the download contain everything or do I have to first install the older versions again?
I think the last boxed one I bought was probably 5.5 or 6, the other updates were downloaded.

Second question on transfering the license, do I have to install the old eLicenser on the new computer in order to do the update to 12, even if I don’t really want to install the older versions on that machine?
It says so here:

but it feels like that is kind of backwards?

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You will need the e-licenser software to perform the update to C12 as it takes the license, performs the update and gives C12 on the new licensing system, then returns you with a C11 (And below) ‘NFR’ license on your dongle for legacy use.

You don’t actually need to put the old version of Cubase on there though, just download the Steinberg download assistant and it should do what you need on it’s own. (it installs the e-licenser updates and new licensing system as part of it’s pre-check).

You can do all that before you upgrade in fact, to make sure everything is ready to go.

Not all products are on the new licensing, so if you own Backbone, HALion or Groove Agent (Non SE editions), or other HALion libraries - you may need your dongle too until they move across.

Nice machine btw - Jealous! :slight_smile:

Yeah, live chat just confirmed this, thanks for your reply!

This computer is replacing both my desktop and laptop, so I figured it would be worth to splurge and max it out. Hope I get ten years out of it, like I did with the MacPro, but that’s unlikely.

Ydeah, looks like I’m stuck in dongle-land for a while longer, got Halion(Sonic) and Groove Agent. Can’t wait for the day those get ported.