From adobe premiere pro to WL

I must do a mix form adobe premiere montage .
I’m surprised that WL 11 can’t import AAF and OMF!
How can I do ?
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WaveLab can import AES-31. Maybe you can find a converted AAF / OMF → AES-31 ?

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Thanks for your answer but I only found expensive (for the purpose I want)program:
AATranslator and there are no trial!
So If you have an idea? I bought Wavelab so I don’t want to use adobe audition
OMF doesn’t support automation?
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If you have Cubase or Nuendo, maybe they could import this. Then I know they can export to AES-31. At least Nuendo. Maybe others can be more accurate than me.

Hi Philippe,
thanks for the answer
Cubase import OMF from Premiere but without automation level but import AAF from Première with automation level …but unfortunately Cubase 12 export only in AAF, OMF and ADM.
Import in AAF can be great in Wavelab: any plan on this?
Nuendo crssgrade is 449CHF : too much for me

To be frank, this is not in the plans, as there are many other priorities.

render out the sound stems
but AATranslator will do it for sure, one of the best things I’ve ever bought for interchanging DAW formats, been using since the very early days going from AMS Audiofile to protools…and when it was around to the Sydec/SSL Soundscape DAWs too

you could of course…dare I even mention it, pay a monthly Adobe sub and do this mix in Audition which wouldn’t even involve a file transferring process

Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me if when we convert AAF to AES-31 with AAtranslator the name of files from premiere are preserved?
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normally does, but it depends on how long the filename is, some get truncated.

Thanks for the info