From Artist to PRO.

Hi there, my first version of Cubase was Cubase Artist 8 then I updated that to Cubase 8 PRO. I used both versions for a while but I was forced to do a clean install of windows because of a failing hard drive.

I now have a brand new SSD with a clean install of windows and I want to install Cubase 8 PRO. I’m wondering if I need to install the artist version from the CD’s before I install the downloadable content from my Steinberg account???
(the 9.1GB Download for Windows) Is that the full version or just an update?

It will be fine for you to just install the Pro version. You have a registered Pro license on the USB eLicenser so you will be all set. There will be no requirment to even reactivate anything. Just make sure the eLicenser is plugged in. The 9.1 GB file is the full install so no problem there.

Regards :sunglasses: