From C5 to C6 today.

Hello all,

Mostly I jumped inmediately to a new version but I had a really big project and didn’t had the guts. Also I wanted to go from XP to W7 at the same time.
But Today I am :slight_smile:

I just have it up and running, so no detailed testing but…

As I mentioned in another thread, opening automation lanes via the instrumentbuttons…WAUW! huge time saver.
Mixer layout…Cool.

Are there other amzing things I should know about this version?
I only record vocals, the rest is mostly in the box synths. Sometimes a guitar through a Pod.

Greetz Dylan.

Yeah thats one of my favorite features of C6 too… I thought it was supposed to work with all VST3 plugs though, but it doesn’t work with any of my 3rd party VST3s. Maybe its only for VST3.5?

Its all the little differences. C6 is a dream. Enjoy…

I love C6 but if you use the lanes make sure you understand how they work or they can come back to bite you.

What do you mean by “opening automation lanes via the instrument button”? I missed that one

Yeah, lanes make comping a dream. But when I began it wasn’t because it didn’t work well with comps done in C5 (the way I’d done them anyway). My advice: do them again after watching the tutorial.


open Prologue, right klick on a button and you will see.

Greetz Dylan.