From Cubase Pro 10 back to Artist 9.5. [SOLVED]

After fiddling for a while with my upgrade from Cubase Artist 9.5 to Pro 10, I decided to downgrade back to Artist
It was a disappointing experience and my license is now up for sale.

At firing up Artist 9.5 I get a small window saying that the following content could not be loaded. It must be the extra Pro 10 content, and the Steinberg advice to remove this content in Windows like an ordinary program, is not possible because I cannot find the mentioned content at all!
It concerns these files:

Analog Techno
Hip Hop Vault
Raw Ambience
Soul Assembly
Mystic Spaces
The Kit SE Presests
MPE Sounds Retrologue
MPE Sounds Padshop
Laser Beams

I’m open to suggestions or advice how to ged rid of this window.


You are aware that your artist 9.5 will start as 9.5 pro with a 10 licence? You could then just wait a little bit before moving to 10. Without much loss.

If you upgraded, your C9.5 Artist is now a C10 pro license.
You can sell your Dongle that has the C10 Pro license on it, but that will leave you with no license at all.
You would have to buy a C10 Artist license and dongle again, that makes little sense to me.

Sorry for the confusion.
I have crossgraded from Studio One to Cubase Pro 10 and have a separate Cubase Artist 9.5 license.
De-installed Cubase 10 completely and did a fresh install of Cubase Artist 9.5.
So I have 2 separate USB dongels.

Question remains how to remove the content mentioned earlier that pops up when I start Cubase Artist 9.5.

Is that popping up while you are opening a project that was created in CB Pro 10 and now you are opening it in CB Artist 9.5 or right during the CB Artist 9.5 startup process?

Regards :sunglasses:

I have decided to go with Cubase 10 Pro, so my request is not relevant anymore.
Thanks for your responses.