From Cubase to Nuendo not paying double

In 2022, I want to switch from Cubase pro 11 to Nuendo because of the Atmos possibilities. I understand that Nuendo will run with Atmos on a Windows machine.
I know that in 2022 the license system will change (no dongle anymore) with the next update from Cubase, and I suspect that Nuendo will follow. So now I am wondering what would be the right way to switch to Nuendo so that I am not double paying updates.
Thanks for the advice.

Patrick Schouten

Read Steinberg’s statements on the new system. From what I can tell they’ll keep the current license server up and running for at least a year or two after the new system comes out, and then you can still possibly use your dongle as long as you don’t need to access the server once that’s shut down.

So I’m not sure if there’s a problem for you or what the problem is. If you want Nuendo now then buy it. If you want to wait just wait. It’s really just more about getting it before or after the next version is out.

I suppose you could get Nuendo now and then not want to upgrade for several years, and then ‘yeah’, you’d maybe pay again for an upgrade at some point simply because the old one stops working for some reason… like a broken dongle (not likely) or OS update maybe or something.

Thanks for your reply Mattias.

Recent Nuendo releases have followed the corresponding Cubase release closely. I would expect Nuendo 12 to arrive in the month following the Cubase 12 release, though there is no guarantee of that. Nuendo 12 will use Steinberg Licensing.

The grace period for Nuendo 12 has not been announced yet. Once it is, your strategy should depend on what licence you want left on your eLicenser for legacy version use. If you want a Cubase 11 licence on your eLicenser, wait until Nuendo 12 is released before crossgrading. If you want a Nuendo 11 licence on your eLicenser, crossgrade during the grace period for Nuendo 12. You cannot run Cubase with a Nuendo licence even though modern versions of Nuendo can be though of as a superset of Cubase Pro (other than VST Transit, which is not supported in Nuendo). If you are going to crossgrade to Nuendo 12, do not waste money upgrading to Cubase Pro 12 first.

This reply is based on my expectations; it is possible things will change before Nuendo 12 is released.

Thank you, David. This makes a lot of sense.