From Cubase to Nuendo

Hi folks…

It is kind of stupid to ask this, but as I am feeling stupid (lol), will ask anyway…

Is there anyway to “crossgrade” from Cubase to Nuendo?

Thank you a lot.


Yes, if by “crossgrade” you meant “buy a Nuendo license at full price and then try and sell your Cubase license to someone else” :imp:

Oh, I see… Bad news than… :frowning:

It cannot hurt to try - why not write some emails?
The worst that can happen is they will say “no”…

I need both, so the issue has never arisen here. However, it’s a very good question.
I don’t know how others handle it though. Does AVID have a crossgrade option from ProTools LE to ProTools HD?

I believe so, even though “LE” is dead and there is now “PT verX” and “PT verX HD”. It’s the only reasonable thing to do. You buy PT LE and want to move up = you tie yourself into a higher cost bracket. You end up spending more money. It’s good for Avid, but it’s also “good” for the consumer because at least an upgrade path exists which is potentially cheaper than selling LE used and buying HD new.


Cubase = Music Production

Nuendo = Post Production

They are completely different applications. Don’t mess with the system!!!