From Dorico SE to Pro 3


I’ve recently started working in Dorico SE, but would like to move to the Dorico Pro 3 (30 day TRIAL). I’ve downloaded and installed it on my MAC, but when I open it, it only opens in Dorico SE. I can’t seem to find the PRO version anywhere on my MAC. Please help.

Welcome to the forum, Wessel. Dorico SE and Dorico Pro are the same application: you should find that provided you’ve got a Dorico Pro 3 trial license active in eLicenser Control Center, when you run Dorico 3, it will start up as Dorico Pro.

Thanks for the reply. I’ve requested my activation code, but have not received anything for an hour already. Is that normal?


Have you ever requested a Dorico Pro 3 trial code before? Each MySteinberg account can only request one trial activation code for the same version of a particular product. I’ll send you a code by private message, so check your inbox here on the forum.