From Elements trial to Artist purchased


I’m trying out Cubase Elements 9.5 while I wait for my Artist 9.5 to arrive.

What is the best way to handle the transition/upgrade when I get Artist?
Do I uninstall everything and start from scratch, or could I upgrade and keep all settings etc.?

I want my installation, license etc. to be as mess free as possible

It’s a completely different program. Leave Elements on your computer till you’re happy that Artist is working as you want it.
Don’t think you can transfer settings between these versions other than doing it manually.

Ok thanks.
I think I will delete it completely and start from new

There’s really no need to delete it, you can safely have both running side by side certainly on the same computer. I have various versions of Elements and Pro from 6 through to 9.5 on the same Computer without issue. They all have their own preference settings which you can copy from one to the other or not.

Ok. Can I open and continue projects in Artist that were created in Elements?

Edit: it looks cross compatible

Absolutely, I do this regularly with projects started on my Laptop on Elements and then moved to one of my other PCs with Pro.

You can even open projects created in Pro or Artist in Elements though you will then find some plugins/abilities missing but the projects still load (not that it’s a usual working method!).