From Final Cut (MAC) to Nuendo (PC)

My buddy wants to send me a project to work on sound. I asked him for an AAF. He said Final Cut doesn’t export AAF. So what’s the best way for him to get me the project? :blush:

Him buying x to pro software that males aafs for final cut x…


The only other possibly cheaper option is to get the sequence into something like Resolve and export an AAF from there.

Stupid, stupid Apple-hoops to jump through…

Any reason not to use an OMF under these circumstances? That’s how I’ve always gotten my Final Cut exports.


Personally, I always do this (the most straightforward & path of least resistance), no, its not AAF (PITA in general, IMO):

Both Final Cut and Resolve can export a ‘multichannel’ video file. If the audio tracks in FCPX or Resolve are set up with dedicated lanes, then exactly these lanes will export as multichannel audio within the video file. In Resolve there is more control (eg, 24 bit PCM settings etc) but FCPX works fine as well - just a bit more hidden as is usual for MacOS (!). That requires picking though the ‘share’ menu (as Apple FCPX calls ‘export’). On the last page of that process, there is a pull down menu for multichannel audio.

In Nuendo then, is very straightforward: Create a project, then import the video. This will then extract all of the audio tracks and put them on individual lanes. Mix. Later, bounce what you need (eg: mastered stereo, mutlichannel stems, or even bounce bask to video, albeit with only one bounce format for now).

Hope that helps. May not exactly fit the workflow depending on what your client wants back. In my case, at this stage am usually looking for a mastered stereo audio track (-16 LUFS for music vid, maybe a different spec for your client), and then just drop that back into the FCPX or Resolve project for final video render.

Final cut X does not have Omf nor Aaf. Yep yep…

Typically people who use apps like PT and Nuendo want AAF for post work, not music work. I would assume that your suggestion of embedding audio in video would effectively render one even over the entire timeline (per channel). For post work we need the individual clips to translate over, with handles, so I would think the suggested workflow isn’t what’ll work.

I’d not recommend the Resolve path. The Audio export features in Resolve free version is an embedded AAF Protools file. I don’t know where is the problem but Nuendo give errors to locate original files and can’t import audio tracks

Have a look in the forums before to buy.
As you can see Nuendo users report issues with files generated with this app
My best recommendation is export the Final Cut Pro project as XML file and import it in Logic. Adjust in Logic 2pop, tracks, etc… and next proceed to export the Logic project as AAF file. You will be able to import successfully in Nuendo

I’ve managed to export an AAF out of Resolve v16.x with correct import into Nuendo. I can’t recall the exact settings but I wrote about it on the Davinci forum.

Thanks for the replies. Can’t believe we have “self-driving” cars but this is still an issue. :stuck_out_tongue: According to him, he did open the xml in Logic and export AAF from there BUT he said 24 bit would not export (reported errors), only 16 bit would export. Also, some files were missing.

Since this is a short film that I am working on for free, I’m not sure the $150 for the app is worth it. I may try the multi-channel export from FC. Worst case, he can just export the audio files end to end.

I still recommend trying to go through Resolve then since it’s free. Here’s what I wrote at the BMD forum:

I got it to work by choosing:

  • Delivery page
  • “Pro Tools” preset
  • Audio tab: “MXF OP-Atom”
  • Audio tab: “Linear PCM”

This created the AAF file in the folder I pointed to along with all audio MXF file next to it. When I tried embedded it wouldn’t work, regardless of whether I also rendered ref vid at the same time.

and later:

I set the in/out points in Resolve and chose to export no video, and also chose NOT to embed audio into the AAF. So the result of this was a bunch of .mxf file in the same folder as the .AAF. Clearly that’s not very neat but whenever I tried to embed audio into the AAF - with or without ref video rendered alongside the aaf - import failed in Nuendo.

Now, my source was an AAF I got for a TV show I mixed and it was exported out of Media Composer. So I loaded that just fine along with the ref vid I was given by the production company and everything was in sync. The AAF without embedded media that I created in Resolve imported fine as well and lined up with the original AAF.

Nuendo in my experience is more “picky” about an AAF following official specifications, so while I didn’t test the AAF created in Resolve in Pro Tools I would imagine that if Nuendo opens it so would Pro Tools.

As for importing into PT I typically choose to open the AAF using PT (as opposed to importing session data) for the first batch of content. This allows me to get PT automatically set up according to all the properties of the AAF. When you do this you should still get the “Import Session Data” dialog and all the properties are in the top left corner.

You can choose to “Force to target session format” which should convert any audio files into the format you’ve chosen as default for your PT sessions. So if your default is .wav then if you did what I did PT will convert all the .mxf files into .wav files and place them in the PT “Audio Files” folder. You can drop down that menu and try other options. Other than that it’s pretty straight forward; just “maintain absolute timecode values” to ge the clips in their accurate location on the timeline, don’t offset any timecode or tracks, don’t use sample rate conversion unless necessary, and just make sure the bottom reads “all” next to “Track Data to Import”, as that then should include audio…

Thanks Mattias. I will send him this link and have him try it.

My best recommendation is export the Final Cut Pro project as XML file and import it in Logic. Adjust in Logic 2pop, tracks, etc… and next proceed to export the Logic project as AAF file. You will be able to import successfully in Nuendo

I use Logic as well as my translator-tool between FCP and AAF which works quite good indeed, but somehow, on my rigs Logic has serious issues with exporting the audiofiles from the AAF as 24Bit…This means that the 24Bit audio-originals are being converted to 16Bit in Logic, and back to 24Bit when importing the AAF into Nuendo…

Niek/ Amsterdam

Well, that’s just ridiculous. Cripes.

I admit-- I’ve never received anything from anybody using X, as there was a mass "X"odus from FCP in my working community when that version came out. Nicest thing Apple ever did for Avid and Adobe.


Well they can peddle that prosumer nonsense to film students and social-media-influencer wannabees and that’s all fine. They can have that crap. Just a bit of a problem when the real world comes knocking on your door…

I’ve used Logic too to convert to AAF between FCPX and Nuendo.
Logic doesn’t manage too smoothly AAF files.

Welp…my friend opted to purchase X2Pro and it worked well for this short movie project. Thanks for all the help.

The best choice X2Pro ($$)… :frowning:

Just buy X2Pro

FCPX costs $299 and is a kick ass pro level video editor …never been an update charge and there never will be. Many, many, users will never need it to export audio as aaf … indeed I use it professionally every day and only one in 50 projects need to go to Nuendo via aff (FCPX has surprisingly good audio capabilities if you learn to use it! )

For the projects that do need Nuendo then the cost of buying X2Pro is trivial… and you get an app made buy people who understand the format. Apple , for all its size, doesn’t and shouldn’t deal with an aspect that is relevant to a tiny proportion of users. And X2Pro is a great app, make no mistake. They even have a ‘light’ version!

FFS… why does everyone want everything for free…?

Rant over.

The brilliance of FCPX is that you add what you need…