From LE4 to LE5?


I have Cubase LE4, activated and its working great. Now I have a new audio interface with came with Cubase LE5.

Is it possible to install LE5 and activate this, and then uninstall LE4 and de-activate it so I can give LE4 to a friend?



Absolutely! Simpy uninstall the LE 4 application, and go to MySteinberg. Get a new activation code. Give this code and the installation disc to your friend. That easy!!

Actually a little more involved. There’s a License Transfer form to fill out at MySteinberg. As thinkingcap reminded me yesterday, there’s an auth code on the install DVD sleeve.

Where is this license transfer form in MySteinberg? Is this an exclusive to LE or am I missing something? :confused:

Sorry, it’s called Resale Wizard in the KB.