From Logic Pro to Cubase - Any better Loops?

I am new to Cubase. I love it. But i am from Logic and I love the apple loops. Somehow I could not find the right tempo drum beats, or sorting really dont see many loops that are really as good as Apple Loops. Is anything I am missing?? Or dont know how to use some of the cubase features??

Any old discussion, link, or tutorial will help. So far I see the only thing I am not liking in cubase is the loops.

“Media Bay” and “loop Browser” is there depending on the version of Cubase I’m not sure if you are asking for more content or just can’t find the content.

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I am looking for more loops, or better loops/

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Have you downloaded all the content packs via the Steinberg download assistant? i.e.:

The loops are quite different to Apple Loops, though. Apple loops seem to have more themed backing track style audio clips, for example.

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Thanks for this. Yes I downloaded all.
Should i need to buy any other loops or collections??
Thanks again for your time and help. I appreciate it.

You could try loopcloud, i use it, but the trouble is there’s a monthly cost now. There used to be a free plan where you could dip in and out with a few loops for free each month - depends how important new loops/samples are to you, i guess.

Other than that, it really depends what kind of loops you want as there’s tons online for free, too. i.e. Free Loops Samples Sounds Wavs Beats Download

Don’t forget that you don’t NEED the loops to be in the right tempo to start with, using musical mode will timestretch the loops to fit your project. Also there’s options in media bay to sync the sample preview to start on the beat and match chord track (if MIDI loops):


Thanka a lot. It really helped me !!!