From N6.5 to N10 Preferences Settings Import file

Hello there,

Upgraded from Nuendo 6.5 to 10 and I would like to import my UI colours into N10. Not sure I can export a file from 6.5. Seems I can save and restore but I don’t know where that information lives.

Also tried to replicate the colour scheme but I only succeed partially.

What is your way to achieve what I’m trying to do?.

Mac Pro 2019
OSX BigSur 11.4


It’s not possible to replicate the view 1:1. There are some details, which just look different in Nuendo 10.

Nuendo migrates preferences only 2 major versions down, therefore your Nuendo 6 preferences were not migrated to Nuendo 11.

You can hack it manually at your own risk. Just rename Nuendo 6 preferences folder (located in ~/Library/Preferences) to Nuendo 10.

Jumping on here. I just upgraded from 7 to 10 and am having the same problem - can’t import key commands nor will it see the preferences xml file from N7 when I copy it to the presets folder. But There was no N9 right? I’m only 2 iterations away no?

Hi and welcome on the forum,

It doesn’t matter, the wasn’t N9. You are 3 iterations away. Copy the Key Command.xml file from the N7 preferences folder over to the N10 preferences folder.