From one PC to another

Hey peeps,

Can someone please tell me how I can transfer my licensed cubase 6 to another computer and will it transfer all my cubase files too?? Is it the same for Halion??

Both computers are windows 7 64-bit I just need to transfer the software

Thanks!! :smiley:

Take the install disc and install

Thanks for replying! Is that really it? I thought there would a little more complex way of doing it with the e-licenser key and all and I only have one license!

And that license is on the dongle. Just plug it into the pc with the new Cubase installation and you’re good to go.

It´s max. 3 computers

You can install Cubase in “n” computers, moving the dongle between any of them.
where officially “n” ≤ 3

Item 3 of “Grant of license”(EULA):

I think it’ s max. 3 computers…

Thanks guys appreciated!

Yes, I said that!

“n” ≤ 3 means equal or less than 3 computers

If they read that like me, they were probably distracted by the mammaries in your original post.

Yeah! :smiley: :smiley:

No, honestly - It’ s 3 max.