From one size to another size

Beste Lezer,
Ik heb een vraag over Dorico.

Het gaat mij om maat 26 maat31 33 Hoe moet ik die programmeren in dorico
mijn engels is niet zo goed dus maar in het nederlands.
groet Albert ten Brummelaar

Are you asking about the cross-staff beaming in measures 31-33? Entering all notes in the bass staff and then selecting those you wish to push to the top staff before pressing N (on a US English QWERTY keyboard, at least) should work.

via Google Translate:

Vraagt u naar de dwarsbalken in de maten 31-33? Het invoeren van alle noten in de basbalk en vervolgens de noten selecteren die je naar de bovenste notenbalk wilt duwen voordat je op N drukt (tenminste op een Amerikaans Engels QWERTY-toetsenbord) zou moeten werken.

To avoid Google for non Dutch readers:

Dear reader,
I have a question about Dorico.
I’m talking about size 26 size 31 33 How do I program it in dorico
my english is not that good so only in dutch.
greetings Albert ten Brummelaar

I still think that it’s not so difficult for the original poster, to use google… :wink:

But anyway, welcome @Albert_ten_Brummelaa :exclamation:

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Yes, posting only in a non-English language means readers who do not speak the language must use a program like Google Translate, but since some others on the forum may speak (for example) Dutch, they might have a better understanding of the question than Google Translate can provide; so my thinking is that posting in the original language for clarity followed by an AI translation to English (as a courtesy to the many here who speak that language) would provide the optimal way to a quick response and perhaps an even better response from those who understand the forum member’s native language.

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Hallo Derrek and Allberto_Maria
Thanks for your help
greetings Albert