From Print Mode to Engrave Mode - with same layout?

Hi, folks!

Is there an easy way to get from Print Mode to Engrave Mode - with the same layout open that I am looking at in Print Mode?

My use case is that I review all my layouts in Print Mode. When I stumble about something I’d like to change in Engrave Mode, I need to get there - but switching to Engrave Mode shows me the layout I happened to view last time I was in Engrave Mode.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks, Estigy

I’m with you there. I inadvertently saved a wrong part; I wanted to print the part I tweaked in engrave mode, but ended up saving the previous part I worked on with the new name😏 No big thing, and I’m much more careful now. But, like Estigy pointed out…

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No, there’s no way to do this automatically, and it’s not completely obvious how this should work if we were to try it. If you have multiple tabs open, in particular, it’s not clear that you would expect or want the active tab to be switched to a different layout when leaving Print mode.