From stereo file to a 5.1 mix

I am trying to create a 5.1 version of a stereo mix. Because of all the options in Nuendo 12 (atmos, multi panner and other pluguns) I am a little confused.

I just need to export it in the 6 mono files (left , right, center , Lfe, Left and right rear) .

I did set up the stereo group to a 5.1 group but how to send appropriate levels to the center, Lfe and the left and right rear ?What is the exact process ?

thanks so much for your help.

You use one of the panners to move the stereo content around in the surround field. What’s appropriate is up to you to decide.

There are plugins that do processing to stereo content to “upmix” it from stereo and you can probably just do a search for them and watch videos on those plugins and their features and that’ll give you an idea of what can be accomplished. I think both Nugen and Penteo have upmix plugins, as well as the included AnyMix Pro panner in Nuendo.

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yeah Halo Upmix by Nugen - I’ve never used it but heard a lot of great things

We also still like to use “DTS Neural Surround UpMix” here. The plug-in migrated to the Waves range a few years ago. For some tasks it produces better or more suitable results than, for example, “Halo Upmix” from NUGEN. But this is of course a matter of personal taste. It is also cheaper and easier to use for beginners.

Thank you all,

I am trying to find where is the AnyMix Pro plugin in Nuendo 12 and I can’t

somebody knows ? :pray:t3::pray:t3:

Just found it - it is under the plugin group “Spatial & Panner”. Now I have to see how this work in the most simplest way to get a 5.1 mix.

If you’re in the mixer for example then I think you can right-click on the panner window itself (the “square”) and you get the option to switch from the default panner to “Anymix Pro”.

That is correct. You still have to navigate to a submenu and then select “Anymix Pro”:


To familiarize yourself with the plug-in first, you should take a look at the “Nuendo 12 Plug-in Reference” starting on page 186.